Fire-resistant ventilation grids Ei 120' - GR2


Fire-resistant ventilation Ei 120′ grids, thickness 80mm, grids are developed to allow free movement of air at room temperature through construction, while providing effective protection from flames, fumes, and gas in the event of a fire. When the grates are exposed to fire, they swell under the influence of heat and prevent flames, fumes, and gas from moving from one place to another.


Intumescent grids react at low temperatures (from 100dgC°). The grids break quickly (usually within 3 minutes depending on heat exposure). They consist of thermoplastic sheaths filled with intumescent bands. The gates allow ventilation through fire-resistant doors, walls and partitions.

The grids are simply sealed with plaster or silicone in the walls if the available reserve is less than 5mm.

Our Ei fire-resistant ventilation grids are tested according to European standards EN1366-3:2009, EN1364-1:2015 in


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