Astroflame PC Collar


Astro Astro PC collar is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire-resistant walls and floors when broken by continuous plastic pipes. The Astroflame collar can be used in plaster, masonry and concrete walls and in concrete floors.

Each tubular collar consists of a round red-coated steel sleeve that splits in two by means of a simple “sliding lock” system to fit around the through holes.

The steel sleeve contains a graphite-based reactive material that reacts when exposed to heat and fills the gaps created by the softening plastic tube in the event of a fire.

When testing the collars, one can choose not to cover (or close) the pipe, or to cover the pipe inside the oven, or outside the oven, or on both sides. The configuration chosen depends on the intended application of the pipe and/or installation environment. The code that determines whether a pipe is covered is listed during fire classification. For example, EI 60 C/U, means that the pipe was closed inside the furnace and not outside the furnace. The configuration during the fire test defines the possible approvals.

Our suggestions for technical uses

Plastic rain discharge: On the roof C/U, lower C/C
Plastic drain or sewer discharge: During drainage C/U, lower C/C Closed-loop pipes (water, gas, vacuum systems, etc.) C/C
Pipes with open ends and pipes of at least 50cm on both side U/U
Durability according to ETAG 026-2: Z2 intended for use in indoor conditions with wet welds other than Z1, excluding temperatures below 0 °C.
Tube: 1m m powder coated steel
Procedure: EN 13238-2010
Expansion ratio: 17:1
Expansion pressure: 65.4N
Color: red
Graphite weight: 1.4kg/m2 per mm thickness
Graphite density: 1409 kg/m3
Normal expansion time: Less than 2 minutes Minimum expansion temperature: 105°C
Storage: store at a temperature between 5°C and 30°C Lifespan: + 30 years under normal conditions of use

Our fire-stop collar


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