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Astro Astro PC collar is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire-resistant walls and floors when broken by continuous plastic pipes. The Astroflame collar can be used in plaster, masonry and concrete walls and in concrete floors.

  • CE marking
  • For pipes Ø 32 up to Ø 315 with a wide range of pipe thicknesses.
  • Very small pipes can be placed in larger sleeves with the advantage of attaching tubes that are mounted at an
    angle or if the opening around the tube is too large.
  • Fire classification up to 240 min for both integrity and insulation.
  • Certified for PVC-U-, PVC-C-, PE-, LDPE- MDPE-, HDPE-, ABS-, SAN + PVC- and PP pipes.
  • Tested and certified for final placement U/U.
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • No emissions – eco-friendly and user-friendly.
  • Unlimited storage time (under correct conditions).
  • 30 years warranty.

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