Universal Fire Collar


Multicollar Slim is a 30 mm-high universal fire collar that consists of a stainless steel band made of 174 segments and a high-quality inlay on a graphite basis. In order to achieve the desired pipe diameter, the links can easily be separated. In the event of fire, the Multicollar Slim starts foaming and creates a fire-resistant seal to adjacent rooms. In combination with the Multisealant A sealant, it is also possible to achieve a smoke-proof finish. This fire collar has been extensively tested in Europe in accordance with EN 1366-3. The Multicollar Slim fire collar is a single product for all applications. Thanks to the Multiclips and Multiscrews included in the box, one person can easily install it. Multicollar Slim forms part of the Mulcol® Penetration Seal System.

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